• Designing large rooms and spaces may seem like a simple process, but it definitely imposes some challenges. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming to design and decorate a room where there is so much space to fill and so many options to fill it with.
  • It is well known that our perception of space is dependent on many factors, these include colors, lightning, temperature, and furniture choices and distributions.
  • It lies upon interior designers to make sure the given space feels comfortable and well-balanced. In order to do so, one must keep in mind the following:
  • Be creative with colors

When designing a large room, you can certainly be bold whilst choosing the colors and patterns of both tiles and wallpapers. Dark colors go well with large spaces, they add in more depth and edginess.

  • Divide your space if needed

When designing very large living rooms for example, you can use different dividers to break up the space. This will allow you to use the room for more than one purpose. As long as you mark the division and maintain the flow of colors and designs between the two areas, you can successfully divide any space.

  • Oversized room, oversized furniture!

This is where it gets more interesting! In large spaces, you can choose from a wide variety of furniture regardless of how big they are, without having to worry about the space they take up. You can place a large dining table in the living area with seating’s around it. You can add a separate closet in the bedroom. You can also add floor rugs that complement the ambience in different rooms.

  • Choose your Lighting wisely

It is particularly important to pay attention to lighting in large spaces. You can add large windows to let in a more natural light. You can use table and floor lamps to illuminate dark areas and corners. In addition to that, ceiling fixtures and chandeliers can bring warmth and beauty to a large room.

  • Different spaces require different approaches. nevertheless, it all comes down to the proper combination of beauty and functionality in order to create the most pleasant environment possible.

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