• Designing small rooms and spaces can be quite challenging, for with limited space, comes a need for an extremely precise and delicate process to maintain functionality as well as beauty.
  • However, there are some techniques that every designer must follow in order to make the best out of a limited space:
  • Make use of the walls, not the floor

No matter how small the room is, and what it is designed to be used for, there needs to be room for walking. The floor is already small enough without having to bump into any furniture. You can use floating shelves and nightstands for this.

  • Avoid dark colors

Dark colors often make the room seem small and tight. By using light colors for tiles and wallpaper, you can make your space seem much brighter and wider.

  • Resort to natural lighting

For this, you can add a small window to let in natural light. You can also use wall mirrors to reflect the light coming from other sources. This can make the space look bigger and more open.

  • Use multipurpose furniture

It is always better to add pieces that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, in an office, you can include a desk with drawers, which offers space as a surface and storage at the same time. Also, when designing a small bedroom, you can add a bed that can be folded into a couch for company.

  • Don’t overcrowd the room

In small rooms, avoid pieces that take up a lot of unnecessary space. Instead, keep it simple. Use foldable chairs and tables that extend. In short, favor quality over quantity.

  • After all, keep in mind that functionality and comfort are the most important elements of any space, big or small. Therefore, Choose your designers wisely.

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